Giving success and significance to all children through Ensemble Music and Educational Support.

“Music is the science of the soul.”

– YoYo Ma

“In an ensemble, you learn compassion, you learn empathy, you learn discipline,
you learn languages, you learn history.”

– Eric Whitacre
(Composer, Conductor, & LA’s first artist in residence at Walt Disney Concert Hall)

Music is a great motivator, a great unifier, and a great healer.
Music accelerates learning and facilitates language and math development.
Music provides for social skills and interaction,
and equips children to express with dignity and self-confidence.
It is at the core of who we are!

– Connie Fortunato,
Founder and President of Music Camp International

PLUS brings the power of music participation and educational support to all children—regardless of previous involvement, social or economic status, or educational achievement. In countries where the educational system is highly stratified, children from poverty and poor educational background, have little or no opportunity to engage in quality opportunities that impact their educational and social development. Instead, they are confined to sub-standard opportunities and undervalued resources which are unable to help them reach their potential and envision a life of success and significance.

All children benefit from music participation—not just those who aspire to become skilled musicians. PLUS brings the inspiration and motivation of ensemble music participation to all children in a positive and highly engaging environment.

Additionally, not all children have equal access to educational support. Many are left abandoned to “figure it out on their own” with inadequate resources to improve their situation. The cycle of poverty, social dependency, and crime are perpetuated by intractable societal constraints and basic academic inequalities. PLUS provides an option of quality educational support for students who need assistance in working at grade level. Additionally, a meal is provided for those who lack adequate nutrition, insuring that the children can concentrate on their studies and not on their hunger.

By bringing all children together rather than segregating them by pre-identified social, economic, or educational status, the power of children motivating children is unleashed in a dynamic and positive environment. They learn to set high goals together, work together to achieve them, and celebrate the talents that each one brings to their peer group. They experience first-hand that more can be achieved together than by working alone. They develop into responsible, compassionate citizens.