Connie Fortunato, Founder


Connie Fortunato has a passion to inspire children to dream big dreams and then work hard to achieve them.

Connie’s work crosses all social, economic, and religious barriers, bringing children together from all extremes to form “one big family” that works together, respects one another, and achieves astounding results that transforms children, communities, and countries. She has worked tirelessly since 1993 with 100 percent of her work being pro bono.

connie2Connie began focusing her work with orphans in Romania in 1993. Since then, her passion has led her to Ukraine and the major cities of Romania. Connie works with all children regardless of economic background or talent, and works with Community Foundations, The Ministry of Education, Departments of Social Services to include children with various challenges, as well as foundations, foster homes, and orphanages.