Our Goals

Short Term Goals

  • To provide educational support for marginalized and vulnerable children enabling them to perform at grade level in all disciplines
  • To provide a high-quality music ensemble program with equal access to all students to provide inspiration and motivation to develop self-discipline, focus, and a concrete mechanism for all children to work together across all socio-economic barriers to achieve a common goal
  • To provide opportunities for children to participate in “charitable acts of kindness” to develop a social conscience and become responsible, compassionate citizens
  • To inspire both individual goals and group collaboration
  • To incorporate instrument instruction and ensemble participation which facilitate working together in situations of diversity. Consistent school attendance is a prerequisite for participation in the PLUS program.

Long Term Goals

  • To inspire and empower children to stay in school and get an education;
  • To build an understanding in the community at large, of the powerful bond between quality, classical music participation and academic achievement;
  • To provide mentorships, internships, job-shadowing, and work-study programs that enable young people to transition out of a life of dependency to a life of productivity and compassionate citizenship;
  • To increase the social integration of discriminated people groups into the mainstream fabric of society;
  • To transition the prevailing mentality of societal rejection to an attitude that embraces work within the business community;
  • To bring dignity to children, families, and communities that are victims of social discrimination, and to work on both sides of the societal “divide” to create mutual respect and support. Success of the PLUS Program necessitates strong community partnerships and support. Adopting a plan for sustainability through community involvement, business partnerships, and national and international support is essential to guarantee its continuation.