The Needs of Vulnerable Children


Vulnerable children throughout Eastern Europe, have a high rate of illiteracy and a high percentage who drop out of school at a young age. To effectively impact social transformation, we must address the educational, personal, and social barriers that perpetuate their situation.

The problems created by poverty, lack of education and social rejection escalate as children grow. They become less motivated to learn as society becomes increasingly discriminatory. Their inability to find meaningful employment destroys their motivation to become productive citizens and perpetuates the cycle of poverty, economic dependence, social rejection, and educational failure.

Educational systems further magnify the problem when they separate these children into their own sub-groups—excluding them from a meaningful place in society, and destroying their dignity and self-confidence.

PLUS is intentional in including children from all situations so that success and significance are restored. Its program of educational support focuses on empowering children to work at grade level and achieve along with their peers. Unlike previous initiatives, the powerful tandem between academic achievement and music inspires and motivates the children to continue their education because music accelerates academic success! Children are inspired to set high goals and then develop the discipline to work together to achieve them.