The PLUS Commitment


The commitment of PLUS is to think innovatively in its approach in order to build a sustainable program. Many initiatives in children’s charity and education come and go. Concepts of what is and what is not “charitable” often compete for the loudest voice. PLUS is determined to examine the hard facts and evidence of what works—and what doesn’t, and adjust its operational foundation in keeping with established documentation!

PLUS is committed to doing what is best for the child in the long term. While it may be “easier” on the front end to provide everything for free for children from poor families, a program that enables continued social dependency, an attitude of entitlement and maintains social isolation, is ultimately damaging to the child. And while it is easier to “give a child a fish” than “teach the child to fish” the PLUS commitment is for social transformation through education and motivation to become a responsible, compassionate citizen!

Programs that work for social integration, must also merge in the needs and development of children from “traditional” families. Participation of children who are high achievers are essential in order for children to be inspired to transition out of a life of dependency into a life of responsibility. PLUS is committed to creating a model that is equally appealing to children and parents in the stable strata of society.

A combination of a small tuition structure for families who are able to pay, and charitable “acts of kindness” that can be performed by all children, including students who receive sponsorships, will combine together so that every child, regardless of socio-economic background will feel a sense of dignity and accomplishment by “earning” their participation in the PLUS program. In this way we will build a self-sustaining foundation with each child contributing his/her responsible share and developing into a compassionate citizen.

PLUS is committed to working with local partners (corporations, civic groups, and foundations) to develop multiple avenues of charitable acts of kindness—including the environment, the elderly, children with special needs, and civic participation. While it is essential to secure a broad base of sponsorships to provide for children, who through no fault of their own are unable to pay, we will work with sponsoring organizations to represent them well to our community and multiply their investment in each child.

Number of Children

Each location of the PLUS program will reserve 40-50% of total enrollment openings for sponsored children. Sponsored children will receive a meal, to insure that nutritional concerns are addressed. The other 50-60% of enrollment will be reserved for children who are able to pay a small tuition. In maintaining this design, it is our desired outcome to create a well-integrated community of children and families from all strata of society, working across all socio-economic barriers to create a positive peer community for the benefit of all.